Solutions: Benchmarking

Bench Marking forums:

We help you compare your positioning and performance with your peer companies in your industry and with the best-in-class through our benchmarking forums. With your key performance data and answers to survey questions, we provide a comparison to our knowledge base and facilitate a thorough understanding of your supply chain vis-à-vis the benchmark. This involves several on-line sessions, data analysis and participation in a one-day hosted workshop or a three hour webinar (just to discuss the results).

The Benchmarking forum provides an unique opportunity to understand the key issues and areas of opportunity in Demand forecasting and S&OP through quantitative benchmarks gleaned from peer company responses as well as our own database. Armed with this information, you can then understand your status in comparison with the Benchmark.

Our survey on demand planning is targeted towards the demand planners and forecasters and commercial managers, who forecast for decision making at the operational and logistics (including customer and sales logistics) level. Hence the purpose here is slightly differentiated from high level forecasting with intent to understand economic, competitive or other market conditions from a strategic perspective.

The idea behind our benchmarking survey is learning and sharing of ideas to promote best practices among all the participating companies. Your responses will be treated with a high level of confidence and security. Results will be presented in the benchmarking forum on a summary basis using averages, summations and percentages that will not compromise your confidentiality. When a particular group count falls below four, the numbers will not be disclosed to protect the identity of the company.

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