Mark Chockalingam, Ph. D.

Founder and Managing Principal

Dr. Mark Chockalingam is Managing Principal, Demand Planning LLC, a Business Process and Strategy Consultancy helping clients across industries: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Chemicals and Fashion Apparel. His specialty consulting areas include Sales forecasting, Supply Chain Analytics, and Sales and Operations Planning. He has conducted numerous training and strategy facilitation workshops for a variety of clients in the US and abroad. Mark has worked with a variety of companies from the Fortune 500 such as Wyeth, Miller SAB, FMC, Colgate-Palmolive, Teva to the small and medium size companies such as Au Bon pain, Multy Industries, Ticona, a divison of Celanese AG.

With significant expertise in business forecasting and modeling, he is a frequent speaker at major supply chain events on topics ranging from demand management to sales and operations planning.

Prior to establishing his consulting practice, Mark has worked with manufacturing companies in important supply chain positions. Mark was Director of Market Analysis and Demand Planning for the Gillette Company, now part of Procter and Gamble. Before Gillette, Mark led the Suncare, Footcare and OTC forecasting processes for Schering-Plough Consumer HealthCare in Memphis.

Mark has a Ph. D. in Finance from Arizona State University, an MBA from the University of Toledo and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

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