Solutions: Vinayware

Demand Planning, LLC offers Vinayware© solution to clients to bring real-time visibility to supply chain issues and bottlenecks. We provide this software application to help customers understand:

  1. Critical service failures
  2. Significant drivers of customer demand volatility
  3. Persistent and significant forecast biases
  4. Schedule Adherence and Vendor performance
  5. Financial and operational plan variances

Vinayware is offered as a hosted application for small businesses, where all exception tracking and accuracy reporting will happen on our servers and the reports will be updated on your intranet server within your firewall. We can also set this up as a secure internet site as well.

Vinayware is built on the core principles of exception management or the 80/20 rule.

Exception Management in Supply Chain Management

“80% of your supply chain errors derive from 20% of your products/customers”

We evaluate the end-to-end chain to capture valuable information clusters that drive the underlying business process. Through our unique methodology and solution, we help clients institutionalize an exception management mentality to improve focus and create value through the planning process.
Through this exception management approach, we have achieved impressive results with major corporate supply chains

What Can Exception Management Do for You? Design, Analysis and implementation of an exception management approach have helped companies to:

  • streamline the planning process
  • improve forecast accuracy significantly and
  • focus on the major supply chain drivers that improve the bottom line

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